4 Things Moms Must Stop Doing To Find True Happiness

Marin County

Have you ever heard yourself say something like, “But I have no right to be unhappy, I really have such a great life and so many people in the world are suffering and have much bigger problems than me.” I, and most of my clients, live in an area that is stunningly beautiful. We are […]

13 Tips to Keep Relationships Simpler and Better


Relationships are complex – we take two or more people with different personalities, belief systems, communication styles, ways of thinking, senses of humor and more and we stick them together and expect them to form connections and relate to one another. Surprisingly, most of us manage to do this quite well. Inevitably, there are times […]

Increase your Child’s Motivation and Achievement with Mindset


Note: Originally Posted Re: Mindset on the Hall Cougar Blog When my kids were young, they would sometimes come home and tell me that so and so was being mean and they weren’t going to be their friend anymore. Calmly, I would listen to them as they vented their anger and sadness. They didn’t want […]