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Meet Your New Coach

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Deb Blum is a life design strategist, connector; and crusader for children, radical responsibility and self-love.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two boys, she has a decade of corporate business management and in-the-trenches parenting experience under her belt. Most recently, Deb has been an entrepreneur – founder of Inspire4Life and co-founder of a tech startup. She is fiercely passionate about coaching moms who are ready to invite more MEANING into their lives and design a life that brings them alive, that they are proud of, and that their children are inspired by.

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Coaching Services

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(1) I work with moms who are looking for ways they can create a life that they love in what I call Life Design Strategy Sessions.

(2) I also offer a unique 4 month coaching program for passion-driven mompreneurs who need a little inspiration and invigoration or wanna-be mompreneurs who have no idea how to get started. I call myself a Life Design Strategist because I am more like a business-life coach hybrid – we create the life that you want INCLUDING a successful lifestyle business WITH a flexible work schedule so you can be there for and stay connected to your kids AND all of the other things you want in your life that bring you joy so you can model how this thing-called-life is really done for your kids.

I also offer Online coaching for $29!

Imagine a world where people care deeply about the impact that they have on themselves, their children, other people, and our planet. A world where everyone is free from the limitations that stop them from being as powerful as they are meant to be. A world where parents set the example for their kids to live fulfilling, socially responsible, and overall fantastic lives.

Now imagine that you could be one of those amazing people. (Because really, you can be!)

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